The Photoshop Show going live in just a few minutes!

The Photoshop Show going live in just a few minutes!

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Do we have a treat for you!  +Jan Kabili and +Ron Clifford  along with our regular panelist and co host, +Dave Bell  will be joining or featured guest,  +Eric Renno  the founder of ""  one of the best resources on the net for all things Photoshop.  and it's FREE!

As a lover of all things Photoshop Eric started a blog in February 2010 with links to some of the best Photoshop tutorials on the net.

Within the first year, had become a tutorial site of its own, producing original content and gaining an ever increasing readership. The site is proud to be 100% free to view and this is thanks to the generosity of the collective writing staff known as 'The Photoshop Nuts'.

Known only as "TipSquirrel" for the first two years Eric went 'public' when he was a finalist in The Next Photoshop Evangelist' competition. He now teaches, trains and writes as himself.

Looking forward to  to hearing Eric talk about the little things that make the biggest difference and he will demonstrate this in Adobe Camera RAW and Photoshop CS6.Eric will take a look at some quick adjustments, actions and filters that take a little time but make a big impact

Live right here on the event 
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Spring Comes to Howell Mountain

From the first announcements about Light Field photography, and reading Dr. Ng's PhD dissertation on the topic, I've been intrigued by the potential for the future… and how it might one day really change the game (as sensor pixel densities increase).
  A year ago I won a Lytro camera in the SXSW/Twitter contest… and had fun playing with this technology in its infancy…but unfortunately, it was stolen just a couple of months later. 
  I wanted to make sure to have a first-generation model in my collection as the technology evolves…it arrived yesterday, and here's the first pic out of the box…
…the Flowering Crabapple trees on 'The Mall' at Pacific Union College in the Napa Valley.

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Flowering Crabapples at Pacific Union College

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Poppies are Popping

I had my first sighting of California Poppies in the Napa Valley yesterday…spring is definitely here!
  This pic is from one year ago… one of the very first shots I took with the cool and fun Lytro camera I won in the SXSW contest…shot on my way home from picking it up at their Mountain View headquarters.
  Just a couple months later, the camera was stolen and I have been counting pennies to pick up another one ever since! 
Light field technology has some amazing potential to change the game in the coming years!
   Click the pic to play with it!

+FloralFriday is curated by the lovely +Tamara Pruessner 
#floralfriday   #lytro  

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California Poppies near Yountville

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This is a great tutorial from +RC Concepcion on how to set up Lightroom to make…

This is a great tutorial from +RC Concepcion on how to set up Lightroom to make it easy to make your Google+ cover photo into a collage.

And also check the link for the first video where he showed how to do it with Photoshop and Bridge.

Awesome tips that are useful for other things besides just your cover photo.

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Make a New Google+ Cover Page w Lightroom
Yesterday I made a video after +Sara McKinley post on the changes to the cover image: (link: ). The video showed how to make a cover photo collage in #photoshop   .  +Stephen Dickson asked if there was a way to do this in #Lightroom   – so I made a 90 sec video on that.  If you find it helpful, share it out. 

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If you missed this week's live broadcast of +The Photoshop Show with special…

If you missed this week's live broadcast of +The Photoshop Show with special guest +Ricardo Lagos the replay is ready. 
Watch it here in the event, or directly on YouTube at

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This week on +The Photoshop Show we will welcome the fabulous photographer, mountain climber, and Google guru +Ricardo Lagos

Host +Jan Kabili will, as usual, share a cool and useful Photoshop tip.
+Ron Clifford has been away for two weeks on a humanitarian trip to Haiti, but may make it back to pop in for the conversation.

We also have some great panelists lined up, including +Elizabeth Hahn and +Heather Webb, perhaps a couple more surprise guests, and I, +Dave Bell will be pushing buttons and pulling levers behind the scenes.

Live chat will be available on Blyve at this link:

For future updates, show times announcements and recordings of previous shows, follow our Page at +The Photoshop Show

and please share, it's always appreciated

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