Another brand new +LIL Galleries show creatively crafted by the amazing +Karen Hutton….weaving…

Another brand new +LIL Galleries show creatively crafted by the amazing +Karen Hutton….weaving together images from a fabulous group of photographers…
Watch it.! You'll LOVE it!

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"LOVE"… it's a brand new kind of LIL Galleries show!!
February is the month of love… so a bunch of my photographer friends made a show in celebration of the greatest of all the four letter words; LOVE! It's awesome for so many fantastic reasons…

For one, it's going live in The Ford Building in Portland tomorrow. Woot! They're having an event called "Friday at the Ford" and the theme is (naturally) "Love". Everyone's invited! It's on the second floor, where all the creative types and artists are – who will be opening their doors, enjoying noshes, music and Valentines. Old fashioned fun!  If you're in the area, check it out between 5-7pm. LIL Galleries will be be showing everyone "LOVE" the whole time! 

But there's another level to this that I'm completely in love with. 
I asked 20 photographers to contribute a photo that speaks of love to them – and their reason why. The response has been overwhelming!! Not only did everyone jump in with both feet and a world of enthusiasm – they helped guide me to create what I feel is a like love in bottle. It's so remarkable how each person's essence comes through every single photo and words. The fact that we all met and became friends (or got married!) on G+ just clinches the deal. 

Thank you with my heart to these wonderful friends and talented artists:

+Michael Bonocore 
+Tana Teel 
+Barry Blanchard 
+Alan Shapiro 
+Ivan Makarov 
+Thomas Hawk 
+Lisa Donchak 
+Brian Matiash 
+Nicole S. Young 
+Vivienne Gucwa 
+Kelli Seeger Kim 
+Kerry Murphy
+Laurie Rubin 
+Joe Dolister 
+Ricardo Lagos 
+Lotus Carroll 
+Ron Clifford 
+Jaime Ibarra 
and +Annette Biggers!

As for me… I'm +Karen Hutton and I created LIL Galleries and this show! 
I'm even in it. 🙂
I invite you to visit to learn more!

And hey, this was so much fun to do… perhaps we'll do more of these community shows in future!

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Napa Valley Mustard…still growing after all these years

I don't know exactly when this pic was taken… but likely early 1950's
Mom went to college at the same school where I've been teaching for quite a few years…here in the Napa Valley.

I wish I knew the exact spot where this was taken… but it's appropriate for the season, because the valley has once again laid out the yellow carpet in and around the barren grape vines and oak trees.

+Blast From The Past is curated by some great people!
+Cheryl Cooper +Mark Rodriguez & +Isabelle Fortin 

Napa Valley Mustard 195x

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First Fruits of the Promise

Four Camellias line the walk from our front porch to the driveway. They are loaded with at least 150 buds, but only three have have opened so far…
…I snapped this one today on my way out the door to work (droplets from a light rain)

It's a lesson in patience …it's been three weeks since I posted a photo of one of the buds for +FloralFriday
…and we're only now able to start enjoying the results.
   Soon the shrubs will be covered with blossoms, and I'll try to catch them in a variety of ways… inspired by the lovely work of  +FloralFriday curator, +Tamara Pruessner.

#floralfriday   #floralphotography  

First Fruits of the Promise

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Coming soon to a magazine rack near you

The gorgeous work of +Annette Biggers will be featured in a 12 page spread in Modele Weddings Magazine.

My wife and I had the privilege of assisting on this multi-day shoot at the Castello di Amorosa, and other picturesque spots around the Napa Valley.

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"The Awaking Dream" coming soon to Modele Weddings Magazine.  Jon Hall (Glee, TV series) and Sharelle Hall (actress/model) depict the romantic Cinderella story upon the backdrops of the beautiful Castello di Amorosa.  The magazine can be found in Barnes and Noble's nationwide, and most California stores selling magazines, February 2013.

12 pages of romance and beauty!!  The first image will follow our ad. 

Thanks to our awesome team of support…. +Dave Bell Susan Bell,+Jim Sullivan Claire Pettibone Bridal Couture. 

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Just 90 minutes away, another live episode of The Photoshop Show is coming up! Great…

Just 90 minutes away, another live episode of The Photoshop Show is coming up! Great hosts, +Jan Kabili & +Ron Clifford, great guest, Pierre-Etienne Courtejoie, and live chat for you to interact.
What else could could you ask for?

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Join +Jan Kabili  and +Ron Clifford   as we once again bring you an informative, fun and interactive Show with our special Guest +Pierre-Etienne Courtejoie   .  

Tonights event:

Blyve Live Chat is here:
You Tube Channel:
I will be embedding the live stream right here in this event.

"Pierre-Etienne Courtejoie is a Photographer, Videographer, and Graphic Artist working for a big international organization.

He got addicted to Photoshop during the last millennium, started to learn it on its own, then discovered online communities where he begun to ask questions, and gradually started to answer them, to finally become moderator for and other dedicated forums.

Now a moderator for Adobe Community Help; in the official AdobeForums (in both French and English) and in, he can get the pulse and solve the problems and answer the questions of the Photoshop community…
He is also busy translating videos for and products in 
All these contributions earned him the MVP moniker in the forums, and the Adobe Community Professional title.
Pierre-Etienne is also an author for Video2Brain, writes for online and paper magazines, and tweets under the @sPECtre handle"

Blyve Live Chat is here:
You Tube Channel:
I will be embedding the live stream right here in this event.

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A Backyard Stroll

A quick snap with my Android phone…

I'm fortunate to work at a small college with nearly 1,000 acres of undeveloped land that we're free to explore. It's full of miles of trails through the oak, manzanita, and madrone trees that make for a lovely afternoon stroll.

#HTCRezound   & #Snapseed  
#androidography   #landscapephotography  

A Backyard Stroll

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