+Karen Hutton's photos always make stop, look, and think thoughtful thoughts!…

+Karen Hutton's photos always make stop, look, and think thoughtful thoughts! Lovely!

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Just Like Old People… Truckee, CA
At 95 years old, she made the astute observation that while her shell may have aged… her perceptions had only sharpened and become more vibrant. 
This is one of my favorite little abandoned buildings in Truckee. (I call little ruins like this "rurex". Rural exploration. hehheh) Nobody's entirely sure what it once was – suppositions mostly run toward an old ranger station. I've been photographing its slow demise for years. It's a little more run down every season and sits within one of the most astounding aspen groves around. It positively glows in the fall! But this year it reminded me of a really old, tenacious old person… which made me love it even more. 

This is an 7-exposure HDR, photographed with a Canon 14mm prime. I love that thing. 

Prints: http://goo.gl/L2Xrx
eBook (yes, I'm an author now!): http://www.flatbooks.com/iwe/

Just Like Old People ©Karen Hutton – Creative Commons (CC BY-NC 3.0)

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A good excuse to keep your camera handy

I don't really need to lose a bunch of weight, so my new year's resolution will be to regularly exercise my creative muscles…and this seems like a great way to do it!

Join in the fun!

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365 Days / 52 Weeks

The beginning of the new year is the perfect time to take on new projects, have new goals, and to really just turn over a new leaf.

Many photographers, like yourself, have experienced the incredible benefits of photographing self portraits. Not only does it help your ease in front of the lens, it also helps us learn a lot about photography in general.

There's no better way to keep motivated and inspired than joining us in the 365 days or 52 weeks project challenge this coming 2013.

365 Days
The most prestigious challenge of all challenges, for the bravest and most strong willed out there, is the 365 Days Challenge.  One photo, every day, for a year, starting January 1st 2013.

52 Weeks
Still no small feat, this 52 weeks challenge involves the self portrait photographer to submit a single photo every week.  There are self proclaimed themes, recaps of how your week went, or just random shots from the week.

Partake in either or both of these challenges with us in the new year!  The moderators will come up with themes from time to time, and we will also pick winners and feature them when there are themes and specific challenges we're going for.

How to participate
Every submission should have one photo posted to the correct bucket in our community.  There is a place for 365 and 52 projects on the left hand side.  If you'd like, you can also tag it with   #365selfs  or   #52selfs .  These tags are subject to change, but we'll really be going off of where you're posting it in the community.

And that's it! We'll be updating you guys more as we go along.  So get your cameras ready for January 1st for the 365 days project or by the end of the first week fo January!

Really looking forward to what this amazing community can come up with!

Join our kickoff event day to get reminded and to officially say you're in!

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A great session of tips for Lightroom andPhotoshop, as well as interesting reasons…

A great session of tips for Lightroom andPhotoshop, as well as interesting reasons why you might want to try Capture One Pro for processing your RAW images. It was a privilege to be hanging out with these great people!

Thanks so much for your contributions, +Karen Hutton +Ron Clifford +Alan Shapiro +Jason Joseph +Chuck Palmer & +Jaime Ibarra 

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Photoshop and Lightroom Tutorials You Wont Want To Miss!
Join myself Jason Joseph, +Karen Hutton, +Dave Bell +Alan Shapiro +Ron Clifford, +Chuck Palmer and a surprise appearance by +Jaime Ibarra  as we share processing tips and tricks on this Holiday Special Edition Of In Process, a show put together by +Dave Bell designed to inspire and instruct! Enjoy! Happy Holidays!

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Scotch Tape Destroys Christmas Joy

I thought this movie clip #blastfromthepast  was appropriate for the season…
Yep…this is me…1964 I think…I still have nightmares about Scotch tape 😉
(Dad was holding the 16mm movie camera while mom inflicted the torture).

+Blast From The Past is curated by +Cheryl Cooper +Mark Rodriguez & +Isabelle Fortin 

Christmas1964.mov (Video)

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If you missed the wonderful performance of Oh Holy Night on Friday night's Tonight…

If you missed the wonderful performance of Oh Holy Night on Friday night's Tonight Show, here is the link.

Chris Mann was a finalist on The Voice, and has incredible power and range. One of the best renditions of this song that I've heard.

The background vocal arrangement for this was scored by a dear friend, Tim Davis.

Embedded Link

Chris Mann
Performs ‘O Holy Night’ from his CD ‘Home For Christmas.’…

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Lots of fun coming up tomorrow!

A live public Hangout with a group of fabulous people, processing tips with photos of the season, and conversations about inspiration, creativity, and…well… LIFE!

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It's time for another fun informal photo processing hangout… we'll be having Christmas, and we'd like you to join in.

There are so many fun possibilities… lights, snow, decorations…we'll process some photos, and talk about photography, the holidays, creativity, inspiration…just a fun, informal session.

Join me along with +Karen Hutton   +Ron Clifford +Jason Joseph  +Chuck Palmer  +Barry Blanchard  +Alan Shapiro 
and perhaps a couple more drop-in guests for a live Hangout On Air

Sunday, December 23, 6pm Pacific, 9pm Eastern
In your timezone: http://dbclick.org/InProcess3Time

The live stream will be right here in the event page.
A live chat room will also be available at: http://dbclick.org/InProcess3Chat

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A great place to get some inspiration from +Colby Brown and many other fabulous…

A great place to get some inspiration from +Colby Brown and many other fabulous photographers…
(and maybe win a Wacom Cintiq…wow!!)

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Grand Opening of INSIVITY.COM + $2000 GIVEAWAY

I am incredibly happy to announce the official launch of Insivity (www.insivity.com). Insivity stands for "Insane Inspiration and Creativity" and consists of a collaborative effort from some of the most talented and inspirational photographers, graphic designers and illustrators in the world who are here to share their knowledge and passion with all of you…for free!

Aritsts include:
+Jeremy Cowart +Chris Burkard +Elia Locardi +Ken Kaminesky +Richard Bernabe +Catherine Hall +Dean Bradshaw +Patrick Di Fruscia +Jay Patel +Varina Patel +Alan Shapiro  and many many more.

As part of this grand opening, we are giving away a Wacom Cintiq 22HD tablet (MSRP $1999) to one lucky winner. All you have to do is sign up for the Insivity newsletter (http://insivity.com/sign-up/) and reshare any one of our announcements on Google+, Twitter or Facebook.

The giveaway runs from today through December 31st, 2012. More information can be found here…. http://insivity.com/sign-up/


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